Dwayne Johnson Finishes Production on ‘Moana 2’: Heartwarming Moments Captured with His Daughter .hiep

Dwayne Johnson says he’s wrapped up work on Maui’s portion of “Moana 2.”

On Monday, the actor shared a series of photos on Instagram of him in a recording studio with his daughter.


“That’s an official wrap (for now) on MAUI’s portion of our upcoming MOANA 2,” he wrote.

“As you see I had the greatest motivation to help me push thru to keep me strong,” Johnson added, referring to his daughter, who appears in the photos. “The more down this windy road of life I go, the more I realize that my greatest and most comforting inspiration and joy, is being loved by my daughters.”

“I have a feeling this little one already knows about her daddy,” Johnson said. “Thanks everyone for your amazing support.”

Johnson, who is a father of three daughters, plays Maui, a boisterous demigod in the hit Disney film.

In February, it was announced by Walt Disney Company CEO Bob Iger that a sequel to the 2016 movie will arrive in November. The announcement came with an epic photo and video teaser.

Disney shared a new still in April from the sequel of “Moana” with the title character paddling on a boat in the ocean with a determined look on her face and what appears to be a strange set of eyes peering out from the background.

Dwayne Johnson and his daughter appear in this image Johnson shared on Instagram.

According to a press release, the animated musical will follow Moana on “an expansive journey in search of people beyond the shores of Motunui.”

“Moana must journey to the far seas of Oceania and into dangerous, long-lost waters for an adventure unlike anything she’s ever faced,” the press release adds.

Along with Johnson, Auli’i Cravalho will return to voice Moana.

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