Dwayne Johnson’s Impressive Watch Collection: What Does The Rock Wear? .hiep

Dwayne Johnson has had quite the career in entertainment, from his early days as “The Rock” in the WWE to more recently becoming one of the biggest movie stars in the world. Like fellow movie stars Mark Wahlberg, Tom Holland and Sylvester Stallone, Johnson has amassed an enviable watch collection. Made up of a variety of different brands, The Rock is a fan of large watches that command major wrist presence.


If you see The Rock wearing a watch, it generally will be a pretty large timepiece. This extends to his choice of Audemars Piguets. This includes the 44mm Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore in stainless steel. In addition to a stainless steel case, the Ref. 26400SOOOA002CA01 also has a ceramic bezel (which is helpful to avoid scratching the bezel. You can find this model Royal Oak Offshore on the secondary market for between $30,000 USD and $35,000 USD.


Johnson has also been spotted wearing a much rarer, and in my view much more appealing, Audemars Piguet Royal Oak. That is the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Chronograph with frosted white gold case/bracelet and purple dial. This piece was limited to just 200 pieces and is a more modest 41mm. Released in 2019, this piece is incredibly hard to get and can only be obtained on the secondary market. The Royal Oak Chronograph Ref. 26331BC.GG.1224BC.01 is currently listed for around $320,000 USD on the secondary market.



No collection is complete without a Rolex, and The Rock has at least a couple. While not a huge “Rolex guy”, Johnson has been spotted a couple of times wearing a few different pieces. One such piece The Rock has been spotted wearing is an all gold Rolex Yacht-Master with champagne dial. This piece is smaller (for Johnson) at 40mm and was produced in the early 2000s. This piece, likely a Ref. 16628, currently sells on the grey market for around $28,000 USD.


Johnson has also been spotted wearing the more modern two-tone Rolex GMT-Master II “Root Beer”. This watch is known as the root beer due to the black and brown rotating bezel. This piece also happens to be one of my favorite two-tone watches. While I am typically not a huge fan of two-tone watches, I do like a two-tone that opts for rose gold over yellow gold. Two-tone with rose gold just seems less dated than a two-tone with yellow gold. The Rolex GMT-Master II “Root Beer” Ref. 126711CHNR retails $15,250 USD but sells on the secondary market for around $25,000 USD.



If you like big watches, IWC has quite a few options for you. Johnson, who stands at 6’5” (he was a former football player for the University of Miami Hurricanes) obviously knows that. Johnson has been seen in quite a few IWC timepieces, including the classic IWC Big Pilot 7 Days Ref. IW501001. This piece is a large 46.2mm and has a 7 day power reserve. The watch currently retails for $13,200 USD directly from IWC.


The Rock has also been spotted wearing the IWC Big Pilot Perpetual Calendar Spitfire with green dial and bronze case. This piece (Ref. IW503601) was released in 2019 as a limited edition of 250 pieces and currently sells on the secondary market for around $30,000 USD.

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