Halle Bailey shares first photos of son Halo’s face during family trip to Italy with DDG hoan

Halle Bailey shares first photos of son Halo’s face during family trip to Italy with DDG

Halle Bailey and DDG’s son, Halo, made his Instagram debut while the trio vacationed in Europe.

“halo’s first time in italy 🤍🌊,” the “Little Mermaid” star captioned several Instagram pictures, where the family posed on a dock.

The snaps showed the couple’s baby boy sporting a white long-sleeved onesie and sneakers as Bailey donned a beige strapless fishnet dress with a diamond necklace.

Halle Bailey shows her son's face in Italy

Halle Bailey and DDG showed their son, Halo, off on social media for the first time. Instagram/hallebailey

Halle Bailey

The “Little Mermaid” star took to Instagram Wednesday to post photos with their bundle of joy during a recent trip to Italy. Instagram/hallebailey

As DDG, he wore a white bedazzled dress shirt with black slacks.

The couple were all smiles as they took turns holding their bundle of joy.

DDG, 26, also shared multiple snaps from the photo shoot on his account, asking fans to weigh in on whether Halo looks like him or Bailey, 24.

Halle Bailey shows her son's face in Italy

“halo’s first time in italy 🤍🌊,” she captioned the snaps. Instagram/hallebailey

Halle Bailey and DDG post pics of son Halo

Halo sported a white long-sleeve onesie. Instagram/ddg

Also sharing a baby picture of himself, he captioned the photo dump, “la familia ♥️ who halo look like more? 😂.”

“Halle twin 😂😂😂,” one person wrote as another agreed, “Right.”

“Look like his mom,” a third wrote.

Halle Bailey and DDG post pics of son Halo

Bailey wore a strapless fishnet dress. Instagram/ddg

Halle Bailey and DDG post pics of son Halo

As for DDG, he wore a white dress shirt and slacks. Instagram/ddg

Halle Bailey and DDG post pics of son Halo

The rapper also shared a baby photo of himself, asking fans to weigh in on who Halo looks like. Instagram/ddg

Meanwhile, others were thrilled the duo finally shared photos of Halo about seven months after the singer gave birth.

“FINALLY…🥰,” a fan wrote.

“The reveal is hereeeeee🔥🔥🔥,” a second added as another chimed in, “😍😍 omgggg he’s soooo cuteeeee ahhhh !!!!!”

“Halle twin 😂😂😂,” one person wrote. Instagram/ddg

Halle Bailey and DDG

“Look like his mom,” another agreed. Halle Bailey/Instagram

Bailey and DDG secretly welcomed Halo in December 2023.

Despite stepping out in baggy clothes and a noticeable bump, the actress never publicly announced she was expecting.

In January, Bailey took to Snapchat to explain that she chose to keep her pregnancy a secret because she “just wanted to make sure [she] had a beautiful, private healthy time” through her journey.

Halle Bailey and DDG

Others were happy to see Halo’s grand debut on social media. Halle Bailey/Instagram

Halle Bailey and DDG

“omgggg he’s soooo cuteeeee ahhhh !!!!!” one fan wrote. DDG/Snapchat

After giving birth, Bailey shared she struggled with “severe” postpartum depression.

In a video posted to social media, she described the experience as “swimming in this ocean that’s [made up of] the biggest waves you’ve ever felt.”

“You’re trying not to drown, and you’re trying to come up for air,” she said.

Halle Bailey

In December, Bailey gave birth. CraSH/imageSPACE/Shutterstock

Halle Bailey

She kept her pregnancy under wraps. SplashNews.com

“And you have those moments where you come up for air, and they feel like the most beautiful things, and it’s great. And then you have those moments where you’re drowning again,” Bailey continued.

The mom of one clarified that her struggles had “nothing to do with” Halo as she gushed over him being “perfect.”

As Bailey comes clean about motherhood, she admitted to getting pregnant with her son after she and DDG took a little trip out of the country and returned with a “permanent souvenir.”

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