Journey to Discover Tartary, Lemuria, and Atlantida Behind Antarctica’s Enigmatic Ice Wall. vannguyen

The mysteries surrounding Antarctica have long captured the imagination of adventurers and theorists alike. Among the intriguing theories are those of ancient civilizations such as Tartary, Lemuria, and Atlantida hidden behind the continent’s enigmatic ice wall. In this article, we delve into these legends and explore the factual basis behind the myths.

Tartary, often considered a lost civilization with advanced technology and cultural richness, has been theorized to have existed in regions spanning from Siberia to the Pacific Ocean. Some theories place remnants of Tartary beneath Antarctica, suggesting it as a possible location for their advanced society.

Lemuria, another mythical land, is believed by some to have existed in the Indian and Pacific Oceans. Theories propose that remnants of Lemuria could extend towards Antarctica, hinting at a connection between this ancient civilization and the mysterious southern continent.

Ice Formations In Antarctica That Look Like Ice Walls, Columns, And An  Archway : r/pics

Atlantida, the legendary city submerged beneath the waves, has sparked speculation about its potential connections to Antarctica. Some theories suggest that Antarctica could have been a part of the ancient Atlantean empire, linking its icy landscapes to the advanced civilization described by Plato.

Antarctica’s massive ice shelves and walls have fueled conspiracy theories about hidden lands and ancient civilizations. While modern exploration has revealed the continent’s natural beauty and scientific importance, it also continues to inspire exploration into its historical and possibly mythical past.

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From a scientific standpoint, Antarctica’s ice-covered terrain presents challenges for exploration and verification of such theories. While there is no substantial evidence supporting the existence of ancient civilizations like Tartary, Lemuria, or Atlantida beneath Antarctica’s ice, ongoing research sheds light on its geological history and environmental significance.


The legends of Tartary, Lemuria, and Atlantida behind Antarctica’s ice wall weave a tapestry of mystery and fascination. While these theories ignite the imagination and drive exploration, they also remind us of the importance of separating fact from fiction in our quest for knowledge about our planet’s past and the mysteries that still await discovery.

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