Making waves in the hip-hop world: Chris Brown responded with the same ‘burning’ method in the new conflict with PartyNextDoor: ‘Post on social networks and apologize or…’.dieuy

Gone are the days when mentions of the word “Beef” instantly transported us back to the golden memories of the hit Netflix series starring Steven Yeun and Ali Wong.

Chris Brown and PartyNextDoor's professional ties sour following new beef escalation.Chris Brown and PartyNextDoor’s professional ties sour following new beef escalation.

2024 is all about the never-ending cycle of the hip-hop beef entangling Kendrick Lamar and Drake on one side, while the other branches out into several other wars of words. In the latest chapter of heated altercations brewing on social media, PartyNextDoor, Chris Brown, Jeremih and Bryson Tiller have unleashed scathing attacks at each other.

The latter trio’s collab, “Wait On It,” presumably didn’t sit well with Party, especially as it featured his ex-girlfriend Desma in the  music video. The brand new ill-tasted attachment also added to the bad blood storyline unfolding between Party and Jeremih since 2016.

However, reports suggested that the duo had previously settled the issue. Shadier undertones unravelled in the past few days as the messy crossfire exacerbated, considering how the former supposedly brought the latter to his concert on Thursday, and hours later, Jeremih’s song featuring Tiller and Brown went live.

Chris Brown snaps at PartyNextDoor as beef escalates after Jeremih, Bryson Tiller collab

Although it seems like Bryson and Chris have become distant shareholders of the beef, they were inevitably dragged into the nasty clash when Party unleashed his rage on social media, directly name-dropping the trio. “I’m finna make these n***as cry…” began one of his now-deleted tweets. “”Bryson Chris; and Jeremih… enjoy, the nights, of your life. Doing videos, at 34, that b***h broke. I know 5 rnb singers who broke.”

Despite Party’s attempts to bury his words, it’s a well-known blunder that one’s digital footprint is never fully erased in the new age. Chris Brown definitely took notice and the “Resentment” singer eventually caught heat with him.

“Ni**as speak without thinking sometimes… then call around to my people trying to retract sh*t. NAW Ni**a, go on your social and apologize or keep that same energy when you see me,” Chris Brown posted on X/Twitter.

Fans also ragingly reacted to Brown’s tweet, which broke his extended social media hiatus. “Breezy posted on X for the first time in 5 yrs and it’s a dig at someone.”

Coincidentally, PartyNextDoor’s origin strings link up with Drake, as he was the first artist to sign with Drizzy’s OVO Sound record label. One can’t help but wonder if we’ll witness a similar timeline of successive diss tracks unfold in the next few weeks. By deleting his tweets, Party has seemingly learnt the ropes from J Cole’s book of taking the high road, while the exact reason (except the apparent girl trouble) for this contentious combativeness remains a mystery.


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