Mike Tyson Names The One Fighter He ‘Wish He Could Have Faced’: “I Would Of Loved That Fight” hoan

Mike Tyson Names The One Fighter He ‘Wish He Could Have Faced’: “I Would Of Loved That Fight”

Mike Tyson Names The One Fighter He ‘Wish He Could Have Faced’: “I Would Of Loved That Fight”

Mike Tyson faced a who’s who of heavyweights in his professional campaign.

The youngest ever heavyweight world champion exploded onto the scene 1985 and went 37 fights unbeaten before suffering an upset knockout at the hands of James ‘Buster’ Douglas. He would pick up the world title again before losing back-to-back to Evander Holyfield.

Although he returned for an exhibition with Roy Jones Jr in 2022 which ended in a draw, Tyson has not fought professionally since back-to-back losses in 2004 and 2005.

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With Lennox Lewis, Michael Spinks, Frank Bruno and Larry Holmes all on his record, it’s hard to see him regretting not stepping in the ring with anyone.

Speaking to Boxing Mane, he was asked who he would liked to have fought from any era and he went with an all-time great and multi-weight champion – albeit a man who was multiple weight classes lower – Floyd Mayweather.

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“Floyd Mayweather. I would love to have fought him, I wish he was my weight.”

Mayweather retired with a perfect 50-0 record and was perhaps the most defensively skilled boxer the sport has ever seen. It’s likely that attribute that ‘Iron’ Mike would want to test himself against, but with Mayweather finishing his campaign all the way down at welterweight it’s beyond even the realms of fantasy match-ups.

Tyson shocked the world earlier in the year when he announced a fight with Jake Paul which James Toney thinks he will win inside 30 seconds. The YouTuber turned boxer is more than 20 years his junior and, though an inexperienced professional, he has won his last couple of fights by early knockout.

The officially sanctioned contest has been delayed from July due to health issues with Tyson. It will take place over eight rounds and count on both men’s records on November 15.

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