Mike Tyson vs. Arrogant Giant: An Awesome Fight Where Tyson Dominates and Wins! hoan

Mike Tyson vs. ARROGANT GIANT! This fight is AWESOME…Tyson dominated & won! Cool!!

The stature of the great Iron Mike, since his beginnings, was a reason to underestimate him.

What prevented him from joining his country’s Olympic team and fulfilling his greatest dream of winning a medal, he worked on until it became one of his greatest strengths.

Along the way, Mike Tyson had to face opponents of imposing size, but little skill, in the ring.

However, there was no one as cocky as James Smith.

Mike Tyson vs Tyrell Biggs | October 16, 1987 | Highlights HD 60[fps] - YouTube

Watch us to the end for legitimate proof that size doesn’t always matter.

One hundred and four long days had passed since his last fight by the time Mike Tyson decided to step into the ring against the giant James Smith in nineteen eighty-seven.

Mike Tyson's most arrogant opponent was a convicted murderer who was finished with ferocious KO | talkSPORT

All the boxing fans were eagerly awaiting the next fight in which Tyson would be the protagonist, but Smith seemed determined to give a surprise result, and not only survive an opponent of the size of the great Iron Mike, but also beat him in a game in which he had become an expert in a short time.

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