‘Plastic gangster’ Anthony Joshua called to meet face-to-face by Carl Froch after texting back-and-forth hoan

Carl Froch says he wants to see Anthony Joshua in person after further “offensive” WhatsApp threats and pokes.

‘Plastic gangster’ Anthony Joshua called to meet face-to-face by Carl Froch after texting back-and-forth

Carl Froch calls out ‘faux’ gangster Anthony Joshua (Source: IMAGO/Instagram)

Carl Froch wants a one-on-one showdown with heavyweight superstar Anthony Joshua in person. The pair were once friends, as they used to train together under Rob McCracken. Froch was nearing the end of his career when AJ was an amateur and a young pro boxer. That’s all history now.


Now, the 46-year-old super-middleweight world champion has retired from the sport. Carl Froch has since worked as a boxing analyst and in commentating gigs. Meanwhile, Brit peer Anthony Joshua is a heavyweight KO artist on a lean mean four-fight win streak. The feud started after Joshua and McCracken broke up in 2021. Now, Froch extends that feud even more.

I mean, it’s schoolboy stuff. It’s like plastic gangsters. It’s pathetic really, it’s childish and it’s a bit ridiculous...I think he’ll be cringing to himself at that. I’ve kept 90 percent of what he’s said away..He’s messaged me again, overnight, and deleted four of the messages...

Carl Froch via BestOnlinePokerSites.Ltd (@BestOnlinePokerSites897) Exclusive

Last week, Froch leaked messages he exchanged with Joshua when the latter billed him a pr*ck. In a recent breakdown on his Froch on Fighting (@FrochOnFighting) YT Channel, he said the Brit had called him such during a ‘one-word answer’ description segment. While he understands the substantial history of beef, Froch disliked how he put it across him publicly. Now, he has a new challenge.

I’ve had a barrage of abuse directed to me, but I don’t mind meeting up and dealing with it like men...And then deleting stuff, and then you don’t pick your phone.. Then what am I going to do? I’m going to expose you for what you are.

Carl Froch further said; H/T: @Carl_Froch (X)

Michael Benson (@MichaelBensonn), the online editor for talksport.com, detailed the deeds further. The Nottingham native says he has kept away ninety percent of such ‘pathetic’ threats. Joshua faces Daniel Dubois next for the IBF heavyweight world title at Wembley Stadium on September 21. There was a time when AJ’s Wembley debut was on Froch’s last fight undercard. Now, there’s just no end to the rivalry.

Video: Anthony Joshua suffers small cut during playful session with kids

Joshua (28-3, 25 KOs) will continue his bid to become a three-time world heavyweight champion. The former WBA (Super), IBF, WBO, and IBO champ also has a safety net of facing Tyson Fury soon. After going toe-to-toe for his pre-fight conference, Joshua took some time out for fun and games. While he is prepping an open workout session for yet another “Battle of the Brits,” AJ got a ghostly cut in sparring!

Anthony Joshua gets cut in sparring
Anthony Joshua gets cut in sparring (Source: ringtv.com/X)

Who was it — was it a Carl Froch retribution? God knows things are heated for a while now. All heavyweight jokes aside, Joshua took on multiple youngsters in the boxing ring at the Finchley ABC Gym. The tentative pressure piled on when AJ started to spar them multiple at a time. Watch the whole sequence below.

Later, the pair went mano a mano with Anthony Joshua, landing a few shots as he jokingly crouched and covered guard. However, seemingly a looping overhand right caused a graze. When the Hetfordshire boxer came into view again, laughing, he sported a small nick and a few drops of blood.

The 35-year-old British boxer shouted who did the deed, and one kid fessed up; AJ gave him his respectful nod. It’s the little drops that make the ocean, after all. It was a healthy and heartwarming nod from the pro boxing giant. However, one just knows feuding rivals like Froch will now have ammunition to critique that the ‘faux’ gangster got a graze from a kid.

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