“Real men cry” – Ryan Garcia backs Cristiano Ronaldo to overcome shooting slump after penalty miss at Euro 2024 hoan

Ryan Garcia backs Cristiano Ronaldo after emotional moment and breakdown at Euro 2024.

“Real men cry” – Ryan Garcia backs Cristiano Ronaldo to overcome shooting slump after penalty miss at Euro 2024

Ryan Garcia supports Cristiano Ronaldo (Instagram/Imago)

A crying Cristiano Ronaldo has remained the talking point for a hot minute now, capturing the attention of the sporting world. During the nerve-wracking Euro 2024 match against Slovenia, Portugal’s legendary striker went on an emotional roll. The aftermath of which saw him break down in tears. Enter American boxing phenom Ryan Garcia to the rescue.

The 39-year-old had missed a penalty from the spot in extra time in the 105th minute of the match. Portugal did manage to snag the win and advance to the quarterfinals. However, the heartbroken Portuguese legend went into a pool of tears right after. Ryan Garcia, a huge admirer of CR7, penned some strong emotions in support.

Real men cry. Love you Ronaldo. Keep shooting and keep believing...

Ryan Garcia via X (@RyanGarcia)

The goal-scoring machine has yet to leave a major Euro tournament without a goal. This time, he has not yet scored one and needs to score to maintain his perfect goal-scoring record. Moreover, seeing his 69-year-old mother emotionally in the stands had sent him off the rails.

The Al-Nassr forward is a new acquaintance of ‘King Ry.’ Recently, they met before the Fury vs. Usyk: Ring of Fire Card. Garcia even met up with CR7 Junior after Al Nassr’s game a while back and traded mock shots with him.

Often catching heat for his alleged coke-benders and other weird hijinks, this is a heartwarming nod in cross-culture sporting. More so than him hysterically throwing air jabs around the ex-POTUS…During their Scores and Fixtures Broadcast segment, BBC Sport (@BBCSport) billed Ronaldo as ‘Misstiano Penaldo.’ With the pressure piling on, Garcia’s timely support will lighten up matters.


Line Of Scrimmage: Cristiano Ronaldo X Boxing

Underscoring the comradery that stretches beyond sports, Garcia’s public support will prove to be a beacon. Ronaldo went the most without a goal, taking 20 attempts at the goal spot at Euro 2024. This drought only piles on to the fact that the Portuguese didn’t net in his last eight Euros or World Cup games.

Cristiano Ronaldo has fostered friendships with many boxers
Cristiano Ronaldo has fostered friendships with many boxers (Source: tmz.com/boxingnews24.com)

Despite the miss, CR7 did step up to begin the shootout and beat Jan Oblak. Ronaldo had already hinted at this being his last Euro; hence, Ryan Garcia’s support would be quite paramount in uplifting him. Subsequently, Garcia isn’t the only boxer he knows.

His kinship with new pro-boxer and ex-UFC heavyweight Francis Ngannou is well-known. CR7 was a prime promotional ambassador for the Saudi GEA when Ngannou made his boxing debut. This was during last year’s extended Riyadh Season. Ngannou witnessed Ronaldo’s performance against Al-Duhail in the AFC Champions League four days before his showdown against Tyson Fury.

Ronaldo is also a close friend of Brit heavyweight Anthony Joshua. CR7 visited his “Day of Reckoning” card where AJ, 28-3, 25 KOs, faced Swede peer Otto Wallin in the top bill. The two were also seated side-by-side during Fury vs. Usyk: Ring of Fire. Joshua often touts Ronaldo’s struggles as making him better than even Lionel Messi and the duo maintains quite a friendship.

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