Selena Gomez Reveals S.e.x.y SATC Secret: Kim Cattrall Officially Confirms! What is going on? Read Inside News Now!.dieuy

In a delightful tribute to the iconic television series Sex and the City, Selena Gomez recently caught the attention of fans and the original cast member, Kim Cattrall, with her homage to the beloved character, Samantha Jones. The pop sensation’s recreation of a memorable scene from the show added a sprinkle of nostalgia and excitement among fans, especially as she prepares to drop her latest single, “Single Soon.”

Taking to her social media platforms on August 22, Selena Gomez shared a snippet from the first season of Sex and the City, mimicking Samantha Jones’ response to a call from a married man, Ken. With her flawless delivery of the iconic line, “Who is this?” Selena paid homage to the character originally portrayed by Kim Cattrall, capturing the essence of Samantha’s bold and empowered persona.


Selena Gomez channels Sex and the City while promoting new single

The homage didn’t go unnoticed by Kim Cattrall herself, who graciously acknowledged Selena’s tribute with a tweet expressing her approval. The interaction between the two talented women sparked excitement and admiration among fans, highlighting the lasting impact of Sex and the City and its beloved characters, even years after the show’s conclusion.

Selena Gomez's 'Sex and the City' Audio Tease Wins Kim Cattrall Approval

As Selena Gomez gears up for the release of “Single Soon” on August 25, Kim Cattrall is set to make a highly anticipated cameo appearance in the season two finale of the Sex and the City spinoff, And Just Like That…. While Selena continues to captivate audiences with her music, Kim’s return to the screen as Samantha Jones adds another layer of excitement for fans of the franchise.

Selena Gomez goes nude under just a towel as she enjoys breakfast in bed in  candid new photo | The US Sun


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