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That's new! Selena Gomez accidentally revealed she has a new tattoo while sunbaking at her Florida hotel on Monday

How surprising! Selena Gomez unintentionally disclosed her latest tattoo while enjoying the sun at a luxurious hotel in South Florida earlier this week.

Secret spot: It was not possible to make out what her the tattoo, her third, said but it appeared to be a saying in long cursive writing

Hidden gem: The meaning of her third tattoo, written in elegant cursive script, remained elusive.

Tanning time: The 21-year-old enjoyed a fun day in the sun, first at the beach and then by the pool in her barely-there bikini

Sunbathing session: The 21-year-old had a fantastic time basking in the warm rays, starting off with a delightful beach experience and later unwinding by the pool, all while flaunting her barely-there bikini.

Welcome to the jungle: The star's zebra swimwear featured a simple triangle top with a pair of Brazilian cut bikini bottoms that were made more eye catching by gold chain sides

Welcome to the jungle: The star's zebra swimwear featured a simple triangle top with a pair of Brazilian cut bikini bottoms that were made more eye catching by gold chain sides

Step into the wild: The celebrity’s zebra-print bathing suit showcased a sleek triangular top accompanied by Brazilian style bikini bottoms. The allure of the ensemble was further enhanced by the addition of gold chain accents on the sides.

Life imitating art: The singer and her friends looked as though were acting out one of the scene's in Selena's recent film Spring Breakers with a pink haired girl stretching out her arms as the pop star gave her a big hug

Life imitates art: With a group of friends by her side, the singer appeared to be recreating a scene from Selena’s latest movie, Spring Breakers. One of her companions, sporting vibrant pink hair, joyfully raised her arms as the pop star enveloped her in a warm embrace.

Rest and relocating: After their time at the beach the group popped back to their hotel where Selena got even more sun baking in beside the pool

Taking a break and changing location: Following their visit to the beach, the group returned to their hotel where Selena decided to soak up even more sunshine while lounging by the pool.

Snack time: The star used the time by the swimming pool to refuel ordering some snacks from the hotel's restaurant and cooling down the a Fiji Water

Snack Break: Taking advantage of the relaxing atmosphere by the pool, the celebrity decided to recharge and rejuvenate. They satisfied their craving by placing an order for some delectable treats from the hotel’s restaurant. Additionally, they quenched their thirst and enjoyed the refreshing taste of a Fiji Water to cool down under the sun.

Wat-er babe: Selena feels the sun on her back as she takes a dip in the Miami pool

Wat-er babe: Selena feels the sun on her back as she takes a dip in the Miami pool

Water lover: Selena basks under the warm Miami sun while enjoying a refreshing swim

Swim-possible beauty: Selena's body looks out of this world

Swim-possible beauty: Selena's body looks out of this world

Incredible Splendor: Selena’s Physique is Truly Unmatched

Saucy selfie: While tanning Selena made sure to pose for photos with her friends before posting them on Instagram

Playful selfie: While basking under the sun, Selena ensured to capture fun-filled moments with her pals and later shared them on her Instagram for all to enjoy.

Finally free: Her time at the beach was obviously an regenerative break as the singer captioned one of the Instagram images 'Me libertando' which is Portuguese for my liberation or freeing

Finally liberated: The singer expressed her rejuvenation during her beach vacation, referring to it as ‘Me libertando’ in Portuguese, which translates to ‘my liberation’ or ‘freeing’ in English, in one of her Instagram posts.

Say cheese: The 21-year-old and her friend did their best 'blue steels'

Cheese alert! The duo, one in their early twenties, unleashed their inner models with some playful ‘blue steel’ poses.

Number one: In 2012 Selena got a tiny music note on her wrist, her first ever tattoo

First on the list: Selena had a minuscule music note inked onto her wrist in 2012, marking her inaugural venture into the realm of tattoos.

Think twice: Selena followed up her first tattoo with the Roman numerals for 76 on her neck as a tribute to the year of her mother's birth

Consider carefully: Selena decided to get a second tattoo on her neck as a way to pay homage to her mother’s birth year, opting for the Roman numerals representing the number 76.


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