The Only Boxer to Knock Out Mike Tyson in Seconds: Unreal! hoan

The ONLY boxer to knock out Mike Tyson in SECONDS! This was UNREAL…

Mike Tyson secured his place in the golden pages of boxing history by being, from an early age, an unstoppable knockout machine.

But did you know there was one fighter who left him trying to collect the last of his warrior spirit after a thunderous fall spilled him across the ring?

In today’s video I bring you a real bitter pill to swallow in Iron Mike’s professional career.

I invite you to relive with me the night James Buster Douglas knocked him out in seconds.

Did you think it was impossible?

The ONLY boxer to knock out Mike Tyson in SECONDS! This was UNREAL...

Keep watching!

It was nineteen ninety, and Mike Tyson had to be at his best if he wanted to start a new decade of success on the right foot.

“James Buster Douglas” was not necessarily an unknown name in the discipline, but that didn’t seem to credit him with enough power to be a real contender against a fighter of Tyson’s stature.

Four days before the bout, the New York Times claimed that the only person capable of beating Tyson was himself by deciding not to enter the ring.

The rumor that the great Iron Mike was not surrounding himself with the most experienced cornermen caused controversy, but he was still expected to quickly subdue Buster Douglas.

Based on reports of his training in Tokyo, the press questioned whether the youngest heavyweight champion in history had begun to sabotage his own success.

Underdog James “Buster” Douglas shockingly knocks out the invincible Mike Tyson in the 10th round, ending Tyson’s reign as heavyweight champion.

Mike Tyson, known for his unstoppable knockout power, faced a shocking defeat against Buster Douglas in 1990, challenging his dominance in boxing history.

Mike Tyson faced challenges against Buster Douglas, struggling to penetrate his defense and counter his attacks, leading to doubts about his training and preparation for the match.

Mike Tyson faced a tough challenge against Douglas, struggling to penetrate his defense and resorting to survival tactics. In a surprising turn of events, Tyson managed to knock Douglas down in the eighth round.

Douglas’s effective defense and control of the fight’s pace challenged Tyson’s usual aggressive tactics.

The ONLY boxer to knock out Mike Tyson in SECONDS! This was UNREAL... - YouTube

Tyson’s strategic shift to survival mode and eventual successful knockdown of Douglas showcased his resilience and skill.

In the legendary boxing match between Tyson and Douglas, Douglas achieves a stunning victory by knocking out Tyson in the 10th round, dedicating his win to his late mother, making it the upset of the year.

Douglas’s strategic moves and powerful punches led to Tyson’s downfall, showcasing a remarkable display of skill and determination.

The emotional significance behind Douglas dedicating his victory to his late mother adds a poignant layer to the match’s outcome, resonating with viewers.

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