Video Footage Shows UFOs Swarming US Navy Destroyer hoan

Unveiling one of the largest UFO mysteries: Investigating the swarming of destroyers by mysterious “drones” which means UFOs in real language off California’s coast.

During the summer of July 2019, a chilling and perplexing series of events unfolded off the coast of California involving the Arleigh Burke class USS KIDD.

The Behemoth class Navy destroyer USS KIDD capturing the attention of the Navy and sparking a nationwide investigation.

Multiple destroyers found themselves under siege, swarmed by unidentified and highly advanced aerial vehicles UAVs according to The Drives website. The relentless nature of these encounters prompted a deep dive into the unknown, leading to unparalleled attempts to unravel the mystery. The investigation done by The Drive into this matter is short of astounding and please pay attention to the ending because it’s open. It’s still one of the biggest mysteries in Ufology and US Navy history but hardly known.

Join me as I delve into the details of these perplexing incidents and explore the implications they have for our understanding of technology and potential extraterrestrial involvement. It appears the incidents began with an initial “UAV” sighting by the USS Kidd around 10:00 PM on the night of July 14th, 2019 according to the thorough investigation and subsequent findings by The Drive, if your an aspiring Ufology researcher please make sure you take notes on the astounding investigation into this bizzare anomalous event and I really mean that.

The Unforgettable Nights

Over several nights in the summer of 2019, Navy destroyers patrolling the Pacific Ocean off California’s coast were bombarded by a swarm of cryptic flying objects. These drones or UAVs as documents disclose exhibited unprecedented flight capabilities, effortlessly maneuvering with unparalleled speed and agility. The relentless nature of the encounters left the crew members astounded and sparked serious concerns, leading to an intense investigation at all levels of the Navy.

This extraordinary chain of events became a focal point of discussions, with experts worldwide grappling to understand the technology and possible motivations behind these encounters. FOIR on behalf of The Drive show multiple UFO encounters around the same time with forensic analysis of the radar data, data logs and deck logs all revealing unimaginable information about UAVs. Once upon a time this lot would have never seen the light of day! We’re living in a world of change and someone at the top is sympathetic to the UAP disclosure movement because something momentous has almost certainly taken place. Decades and decades of stonewalling doesn’t change overnight that takes a change of the guard so-to-speak.

The Mysteries Begin

As the Navy began its investigation, numerous questions arose regarding the nature and origin of the mysterious drones. Advanced radar and sensor systems on the destroyers captured vital data, offering glimpses into the unprecedented technology and flight patterns of these unidentified aerial vehicles (UAVs). The Drive did a fantastic investigation into this encounter with all the relevant documents published on their website. You should check this information out for yourself.

Other ships in the area

U.S. Navy destroyers USS Rafael Peralta, USS Russell, USS John Finn, and the USS Paul Hamilton


The drones reportedly exhibited flight characteristics far beyond what current human-made technology was capable of, heightening suspicions of potential extraterrestrial involvement but not until later on and the rest as they say is history. The unprecedented findings sent shockwaves through the Navy and are still causing waves to this day and sparked collaboration with other investigative agencies and scientific bodies. Now that’s a first (if you believe it) because according to Senators and Congress party members in opposition the letter agencies don’t cooperate together.

Unraveling the Truth

The exhaustive investigation into the swarm of drones off California’s coast involved experts from various fields and most obviously the intelligence community.


During the evening encounters, as many as six aircraft were reported swarming around the ships at once. The drones were described as flying for prolonged periods in low-visibility conditions, and performing brazen maneuvers over the Navy warships near a sensitive military training range less than 100 miles off Los Angeles

The collaboration aimed to dissect each piece of evidence meticulously, hoping to uncover the truth lurking behind this enigma and did it just. Experts and analysts scrutinized sensor data, examining flight patterns, propulsion systems, and possible human intervention. The findings were both perplexing and paradigm-shifting, raising intriguing possibilities of breakthrough technologies that exceeded our current understanding.

Implications and Speculations

The swarm encounter and it was a swarm encounter off California’s coast ignited profound questions about the origins and motivations of these unknown aerial vehicles or drones as they’re known as. Amid countless speculations, theories have emerged, ranging from covert military experimentation which was obvious to some but not others to the potential presence of extraterrestrial intelligence observing our activities.

The implications of such an advanced technological capability extend beyond national security concerns, as they could revolutionize our understanding of aerodynamics and propulsion systems. The investigation triggered worldwide attention and sparked deeper conversations about the boundaries of human innovation and the uncharted frontiers of potential technological advancements.


The swarm encounters between the Navy’s destroyers and mysterious “drones, UAVs” off California’s coast leave us with more questions than definitive answers. As the investigation continues, experts worldwide will strive to decipher the nature, origin, and purpose of these advanced aerial vehicles. The incidents act as a stark reminder of the vast expanses of mystery that still exist, pushing us to broaden our horizons of what is possible and leaving open the tantalizing possibility of untold technological marvels beyond our current comprehension.

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